What are the best android apps 2018?

I think AppLock is one of the best android apps 2018? Do you think what is the best app?

You can take a look : AppLock – Android Apps on Google Play

One day at my office I was checking my emails at my mobile phone, suddenly my Manager called me in his cabin for same official work.

So that time I just left my phone in my cabin, so at my back side, my two friends are checking my phone, after that I know that one is checked my phone so I just told this to everything to my best friend.

He told me to Install and download  AppLock by DoMobile for mobile phone security, after on his suggestion I just install it in my phone, now my phone is fully secured with the other peoples. Nice application

In addition, it also Supports incognito/ secret browser, multiple Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin accounts management, Intruder selfie.

What are the best android apps 2018?

What are the best android apps 2018?


Beginner Asked on March 6, 2018 in Mobile.
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It really differs for individuals. For me, I found Tiny Scanner, Evernote,  and Google Drive great, which are helpful to the mobile office.

Tiny Scanner is a scanner application that can scan every type of document and save them as image files or as PDFs. You can name and organize the scanned files and share them by email, store in DropBox, Google Drive, etc.

Google Drive is a massive cloud storage service that gives you free space to store and access your files in the cloud platform. You can browse through all the files and folders you saved in your Drive and share, move, download, rename or print any files from the application. I have saved and backup my encrypted password vault file in Google Drive, which is convenient when I forget my long, complicated, and hack-proof passwords.

Evernote is free when you use it on two devices. it is a cross-platform utility to take notes in a variety of formats, including text, photos, audio, video, sketches and more. I can’t live without it now.

Beginner Answered on December 3, 2018.
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Right now the best Android rooting tool is in the public for free download as Magisk Apk. This is complete secure rooting tool for the end users to handle the Android rooting process. Magisk is the next level Android rooting tool for the all Android users, this is one click rooting tool which gives the best user experience for the end users to handle the Android device according to the choice of the users.  Magisk Apk is complete risk free service and this is compatible to all Android versions in the public as well.

Beginner Answered on February 16, 2019.
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