What are the needs of an online ordering restaurant software?

The needs of an online ordering software are many. It needs to facilitate an ordering platform, the food, the drinks, the extras. Then it would need to be affiliated with a company like PayPal to process the transfer of money. Assuming that most people would expect it to have delivery service, you would need to somehow incorporate one.

You should also be able to manage your orders with ready to use Delivery Management Solution for your pickups/deliveries / field service: Why? Because:

  • Find restaurants that deliver to my home (link to postal or zip code)
  • Pick the type of restaurant (pizza, Mexican, fine dining, Morrocan, price range, etc.)
  • See ratings/reviews for the restaurant
  • See the menu (preferably with some visuals or decent descriptions if the food is not North American)
  • Order items off the menu
Beginner Asked on November 2, 2017 in Food.
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