What are the strategies to reduce customer churn?

Customer Churn is a worrisome factor for every startup. What are the strategies that will help to address this?

Consultant Asked on August 1, 2017 in Advice.
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Customers canceling their account is mostly due to the reason that they have been unhappy with the product for a long time before they decided to quit.

Customer retention can be automated to a certain extent. Following are the few tips which will help you to reduce your customer churn

Reducing Customer churn using DRIP:

Customers don’t know what to do next as soon as they sign up for any product. Engage your customers by providing proper/minute information by sending a sequence of personalized communication.

    1. Send a welcome email
    2. Send How to use your product with time delayed communication.

Reducing Customer churn using Behavioral:

Understand the different events of each customer and send them focused communication.

For Ex: 1. Customers who have not been logged in to your product more than 7 days

    1. Customers who have not performed any action even though they logged in to your product

Likewise, filter the customers using different dynamic/ static filters, Segment them and send them a specific communication.

Customer churn can be achieved by using an email automation tool.

Consultant Answered on August 1, 2017.
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