SaaS Based Startup Founders, Co-Founders, Marketing Executives, Developers can join this thriving WhatsApp Group. More than 105 Members and Counting.

SaaS start-ups need access to free credits and automation tools. Every day thousands of such new deals, offers, and tools are made available to the SaaS community.

Developers also share their problems and issues and get quick fixes from the other Developers.

Why should you join this WhatsApp Group?

  1. If you want to promote your SaaS product.
  2. If you want to get exclusive Free deals.
  3. If you want to resolve your SaaS problems.
  4. If you want to connect with other SaaS founders.
  5. If you want visibility from Investors and VC.

How to join the WhatsApp Group?

Send a WhatsApp message to +91-9849979242 With your Website URL to Join the Group. 

Rules and Regulations:

  • No lewd comments, no foul language.
  • No foul comment of negative feedback about other SaaS applications.
  • Any member not following this rule will be disbarred from the Group.


Disclaimer: This group is administered by Askme platform with no commercial interests. Both Askme and this WhatsApp group are dedicated to providing a holistic non-commercial ecosystem to SaaS startups from around the world.